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What Remains at the University of Denver

I am happy that some of my photogram and photography works are included in the exhibition "What Remains," on display at The University of Denver (DU) in the Anderson Academic Commons! The exhibition was curated by Genevieve Waller and Mary Grace "MG" Bernard and explores the idea of remnants and decay through the lens of photography, nature, history, and human-made phenomena. Participating artists: Brian Cavanaugh, Liam Currin-Rogers, Deanna Dikeman, Chelsea Gilmore, Jeffrey Mack, Shana Cruz-Thompson, Thomas Yi and myself.

From the curatorial statement by Genevieve Waller and MG Bernard: Images take a moment out of time and thus remind us of our own brief existence. When loved ones pass away, buildings fall into disrepair, or natural things decay, our photographs show them still in their prime. Photos remain, while most everything and everyone else changes, grows older, or expires. And even the survival of physical and digital photographs is tenuous: paper prints can disintegrated and digital images can be lost forever when a hard drive crashes. In this exhibition, we bring together works by eight artists who use the medium of photography to document fleeting moments, places that have deteriorated, the detritus of chronic illnesses, still lifes that will decompose, the rot and misappropriation of history, the human body as an ephemeral and contested site, trace images of substances and objects that once rested on photo paper, and remnants of film and discarded photos reimagined and given new life as sculpture. Together, we see these works as important and beautiful meditations on what it means to confront our own impermanence and how photography can help us come to terms with loss and the passing of time.

The exhibition What Remains is on display from February 17 to May 14, 2023 on the DU campus, located in the Dean's Suite Area of the Anderson Academic Commons, 2150 E. Evans Ave. Denver, CO, 80210. What remains is part of Month of Photography (MoP) in Denver - a biennial, month-long festival that celebrates and elevates the photographic medium in the region. MoP Denver is presented by the Colorado Photographic Arts Center. Check out all the MoP exhibitions, events, and opportunities at their website here!


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