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The Walls Between Us at CVA

I am excited that my work is included in the exhibition The Walls Between Us at the Center For Visual Art. This show centers around the idea of walls- whether physical, emotional, implied, political, etc.- and how they affect our lives. The show is made up entirely of work made by the 2019 roster of the artist collective Artnauts, and we responded to this powerful word: walls.

The Walls Between Us is on view at CVA on Santa Fe in Denver through October 17, 2020. Please wear a face covering when visiting the show!

Detail of "Dis/placed" by Leah Swenson

Dis/placed. As of June 2019, according to the United Nations High Council on Refugees (UNHCR), approximately 70.8 million people are forcibly displaced in the world today, whether they are internally displaced in their own nations due to persecution, violence, or war, or refugees in neighboring countries, or asylum seekers. This number is expected to steadily rise as Climate Crisis reaches the world’s most vulnerable populations.

The term “climate refugee” is making its way into global vernacular, however there is no legal definition for it under international law. The legal definition of “refugee” status ensures that stateless people receive basic human rights, and if they are fortunate enough to be resettled (according to the UNHCR, only about 0.5% of refugees are successfully resettled), entitles them to further rights in their new nation. Having no legal standing as they are forcibly displaced, the world’s population of those without a nation due to Climate Crisis will face unimaginable hardship… all due to imaginary “walls”.


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