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The past couple of years have been quite strange. While I was making the work for my current show that is on view at Pirate: Contemporary Art Oasis, I ruminated on perceptions of loss, grief, change and static, death and rebirth. I am revealing the psychological and emotional layers that exist in my internal landscape, while also imagining those that exist in our collective landscape.

The result is manifest in collage: from minimal and geometric color-field-inspired pieces to textural and visually packed encaustic pieces.

The show runs through March 13th, 2022 at Pirate: Contemporary Art located at 7130 W 16th Ave in Lakewood, CO 80214. The gallery is open Friday evenings from 6p - 9p, and Saturdays & Sundays from 12p - 5p, or by appointment.

My work can be seen in the Associate Space; in the Full Space, bad-ass artist

Jennifer Jeannelle has created an immersive installation of suspended ceramic works entitled "Disrupting the Overwhelm."

Admission to the gallery is free of charge.

"phantom" and "future," paper collages on canvas, 2021-2022

"phantom" and "future," paper collage and encaustic medium, 2022

"horror vacuui," paper collage and encaustic medium, 2021-2022


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