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Palestine 2022

I am privileged to be participating in the next Artnauts exhibition, which is slated to take place in Bethlehem, opening 08/26/2022. The exhibition asks the participating artists to capture and interpret the current state of mind of the American people in response to the question: are we as a nation unified (indivisible), or divided (divisible)? I can only answer by seeing through my own lens- using my privileged experience, the stories of the people I know, and those I serve as a refugee resettlement worker, and my own values.

Living conditions, rights, and social landscapes have gotten better for many people in recent years. I am young, and raising a daughter, so I make every effort to see goodness, and see progress, and pathways to solutions. But if I'm being honest, I think we are divisible, in so many ways.

This exhibition, titled (IN) DIVISIBLE, is curated by Dr. George Rivera, and opens 08/26/2022 in the University Gallery at Dar Al-Kalima University, Bethlehem, Palestine.

Never Say Never (Again), paper collage, 2022


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