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Meander Lines

Meander Lines is my most recent body of work, and it's currently on display in the associate space at Pirate: Contemporary Art. Creating this work was a personal feat for me, as it is the largest I have ever worked! I am used to (and comfortable) working on a small scale. However, I will never forget this sage advice from one of my favorite teachers: "Leah, artmaking does not involve getting comfortable."

I came up with the title after creating the work, which is usually what I do. I like it as a visual descriptor of the work, as well as the meaning of the phrase. "Meander lines" is a cartographic phrase that describes the line at which a body of water meets a shore. To me, that is poetic and mysterious. Translating it into a cartographic image or functional map seems futile and symbolic. Poetic, mysterious, futile, symbolic... in life, art, and cartography, I guess.

Installation view of "Meander Lines" at Pirate: Contemporary Art, Lakewood, Colorado


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