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Locus of Self

Five years ago, my great friend Dawn Witter and I put on a two-person exhibition at Hinterland Artspace. We called the show ENTITY. Since then, we've made a promise that we would have a show together, somewhere, every five years. Now it's five years later, and we've both been working very hard on putting together another great show, this time at NEXT Gallery in Lakewood, CO!

ENTITY promotional show card, August 2014

The content of our work is in many ways the same as it was five years ago- this time with the new perspective of five more years of living. Five more years of learning, five more years of growing. LOCUS OF SELF uses assemblage, collage, painting, photography, fiber, and sculpture to create a sort of psychological landscape of the experience of going through life, as we see it. It deals with occupying a body, being a woman, personal histories, and more.

Dawn Witter and Leah Swenson at Hinterland Artspace, 2014

LOCUS OF SELF is saturated with color, playful imagery, and brutal honesty. It's such an inspiring experience to work repeatedly with an artist and friend that truly inspires you, and I have been fortunate to find that in Dawn! LOCUS OF SELF opens at NEXT Gallery June 28th, 2019 with an artists reception that evening from 6pm to 10pm.


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