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Artnauts 2022

I am thrilled to have re-joined forces with the Artnauts Art Collective. The Artnauts Collective aims to bring art, perspective, conversation, and social commentary to areas of the world experiencing various forms of conflict. I participated with the group in 2019-2020, and took a hiatus in 2021 as I dealt with many life changes - one of which was a change in employment.

I now work for a leading global humanitarian aid organization. Here in the Denver Office, we focus on refugee resettlement. It is an honor to do this work and it has shaped my perspective of my own life, as well as how I see the world and the systems that operate within it. Newly inspired by this perspective, I wanted to to reconnect with the Artnauts and their global-minded exhibition programming. I feel so grateful to be a part of it again, and humbled as well.

Our first show in 2022 is in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. The show, "New Directions" is on dispaly at the XXXVIII International Winter Festival in Sarajevo and runs through March 21st, 2022. This summer, our next exhibition will be taking place in Palestine, and details will soon follow!

"Inertia," paper collage, 2022


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