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Artnauts 2019

The Artnauts is an amazing collective of artists that addresses world issues through visual art exhibitions across the globe. This allows them to connect globally with other artists, new communities, and new cultures. In their words:

The Artnauts is an artist collective that uses the visual arts as a tool for addressing global issues while connecting with artists from around the world. The name derives from combining the words “art” and “astronaut” as a way to describe the process of exploring uncharted territory in the world at large (for example, currently the collective has an exhibition that is traveling down the Amazon River for three years to over 30 remote sites). The name also denotes the practice that is “not” art as usual, going beyond the confines of the traditional or conventional art world and blurring the boundaries between art, activism, and social practice. The Artnauts have worked at the intersection of critical consciousness and contemporary artistic practice to impact change for almost two decades with over 150 exhibitions on four continents.

I am extremely excited that I have been invited to join the Artnauts for the coming 2019 year! Often I feel a certain angst about how to be more socially conscious with my work, how to reach farther audiences, and how to connect with those whose experiences are totally different than my own. Certainly this opportunity will be an exercise in all three of those areas! Ideas are percolating already, as details are finalized for the coming year's shows. Humbly awaiting! Stay tuned...


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