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Glorifying Obesity

In this new work, I am reclaiming the identity of being a fat woman. I am harnessing the feeling of largeness, which I am reminded every day should be my biggest insecurity. In honor of all the times I have been called a fat bitch, - meant as the biggest insult - I am taking possession of it as one of my many names. Women always have many names.

What is more harmful and unhealthy than any amount of weight a fat person can bear is the harm perpetuated by fatphobia and anti-fat bias in all corners of our lives. Fatphobia is deeply ingrained in our understanding of ourselves, and is reinforced at every turn: in the doctor’s office, in the media, in the news, in our families, etc. Nothing agitates fatphobic people and entities like a fat person, specifically a fat woman, living life without trying to shrink themselves with every ounce of energy they have.

This body of work is titled “Glorifying Obesity,” a play on the accusation that successful or well-known fat women often hear if they step into their success (or even mediocrity) without the promise of changing their bodies. To glorify something simply means to depict something as worthy, even if it is not. I think I am worthy, and I will be glorifying obesity every day of my life. 

Glorify, 2022-2023. Acrylic and collage on canvas. 

assorted postcards, 2023. Paper collages.

Fat Sells, 2023. Encaustic medium and paper collage on board.

Installation view.

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